Background Information
D-V Massey & Associates

Dr. Donald S. Massey [bio]

Dr. Valerie J. Massey [bio]

Dr. Shristi Nigam

This organization began as a husband-and-wife team of dedicated helping professionals with an extensive background of clinical assessment skills and psychological intervention with children and adults. As a team, Dr. Donald S. Massey and Dr. Valerie J. Massey have worked with a wide range of client populations in such areas as Head Injury, Post-accident Concussion, Cerebral Vascular Accidents, Attentional deficits, Disorders of Memory function, Epilepsy, Learning Disorders, Developmental Disorders, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome / Alcohol-Related Neurodevelopmental Disorder, Degenerative Neurologic Disorders, Communication & Language Disorders, and Auditory or Visual impairment.

D-V Massey & Associates are also well versed in other client populations including Psychiatric and Personality Disorders, Reactive or Stress-related Disorders including Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, and problems of living such as Depression, Anxiety, and Substance / Alcohol use. They also have extensive experience in school-based intervention and psycho-educational as well as neuropsychological assessment for differential diagnosis of Learning Disorders and/or Behavioural Disorders. They offer comprehensive neuropsychological assessment and realistic interventions which can be accessed by parents, teachers, and other professionals.

In addition to their clinical practice, D-V Massey & Associates also offers a wide range of inservice models for corporations, school systems, community agencies, hospitals, mental health centres, career centres, non-profit organisations, and other interested groups.

They have presented workshops and professional papers at local, national, and international conferences and have also published in a number of referenced journals, maintaining an active interest in balancing the theoretical and applied practices of neuropsychology. They offer an extensive, North America-wide network of other clinicians/researchers who provide specialized client services and professional development for a number of disciplines.

D-V Massey & Associates would be pleased to discuss their services in detail with interested parties. Their offices are wheelchair accessible and are located in Edmonton at Kingsway Garden Mall. D-V Massey & Associates travel extensively throughout the province to provide personalised service for each client. They operate on a fee-for-service basis and are GST-exempt. For further information please contact Dr. Don S. Massey or Dr. Valerie. J. Massey.